Three Drams is Whiskey Tasting Club, with deep roots in Irish Whiskey.

During the first week of the month, we announce that month’s three featured whiskeys. These are then posted via courier directly to you just in time for the follow-up Live Tasting which generally falls in the third week of the month. Lather, rinse, repeat.





The Curious mind?

  • Regular affordable access to new, unique & rare whiskeys.
  • Explore everything from new make spirit to single cask whiskey. 
  • Log your journey of taste through our custom made whiskey tasting journals.

What you’ll get:

  • Three carefully curated 30ml drams.
  • The Three Drams Whiskey Tasting Journal.
  • Access to our live tastings where you can interact directly with the founders and master distillers behind these whiskeys.
  • A well developed palate!

Added Bonus

Once the monthly live tasting is complete and three awesome whiskeys are in your belly, we will send members special offers and shipping discounts via email for our sister site: where all these wonderful whiskeys are available in 70cl bottles.

Remember, Subscribe and Save; members never pay for shipping. The subscription price you see is the subscription price you pay!


The Three Drams Whiskey Journal was custom designed by us to help guide you through every whiskey that features in our monthly tasting boxes. You can log your very own tasting notes and fill out the flavour wheel to remind you of each and every dram from your whiskey tasting journey.



Note: The ink used in printing this Whiskey Journal was infused with, you guessed it, Whiskey! That’s right, there is a drop of Clonakilty Cognac Cask Strength infused in every page.